Life Reboot Side Note….

As someone who has a lifelong illness barring a cure I know what its like to get devastating news from ur doctor. Ur scared. Confused. Mad. All at the same time. And if u have been given bad news we all handle it differently. Some cry. Some get mad and yell. And others are in denial that it is even happening. But guess what….it is happening and you have to decide what to do next with the help of ur doctor. And I always suggest getting a second opinion. But once u do that u have to make some tough decisions. If you have a heart attack and ur doctor says u need surgery or u will die. You can’t tell the doctor its nothing I just had some gas I will be ok. You’re not a doctor. And he is paid to know the difference between gas and a heart attack. Getting mad at him won’t change ur diagnosis. So guess what. U need to grow up and listen. U need to do whatever u need to do to stay with ur family longer. And not listening won’t keep u alive. It will sign ur death certificate. I don’t understand people who just decide to not treat their condition. No matter what it is. Do u think I like putting poison in my body to help control my MS? No. I hated it. But I had no choice. I had to Do something. Laying here waiting to be in a wheelchair full time is not an option. I fight. I do this not just for me but for my family. And if u choose to hide from whatever it is ur told u have then u are selfish and ur a coward. And I have no respect for u. Because ur a quitter. U quit on ur family. U quit on urself. And u quit on life. And whatever happens to u after that u deserve. Stop being scared and do what u have to do or stop crying about it. I don’t want to hear it.


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