Life Reboot Day 4

Screenshot_2017-11-27-21-22-08-1Cyber Monday! Shopping without getting tired! A MS girls favorite day of the year! Gone are the days of 5 hour shopping trips with my girls. My favorite shopping day comes once a year when I can get everything on my list for family and myself at crazy great prices. And today didn’t disappoint. Today my reboot was done through retail therapy. Its amazing how a new set of luggage and a vacuum cleaner can cheer a girl up. But that’s not all folks! Our new Refrigerator was delivered today as well. Today’s blog was going to be a trip down memory lane. But instead its about something that makes me feel kind of normal. Shopping! Now as I rest my fingers from all the confirm purchase pushing I lay back and feel thankful for days that make me smile with no though of MS at all. Retail reboot accomplished…..



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