Life Reboot Day 3

To all the things I used to be able to do….I miss you. I never wanted to leave you behind. I tried to bring you along. But MS had other plans for me. But I miss you so much. I think about you often. I reminisce on the days gone by. Dancing…I think I miss you most of all. You know I wasn’t the best dancer but oh how much fun we had. I miss being able to stay out past midnight. Hell I miss being able to stay out past 10 pm. I miss wearing heels. Flats are just not as fun. I miss hot showers. So hot I couldn’t see once I stepped out of the shower. I miss being carefree with no planning ahead. MS is so bossy and selfish, she makes me plan everything around her. I miss being pain free. I don’t remember what its like to not feel pain at all. At any point of my day. I miss working. I miss working…. Lol never thought I’d say that but I do. I miss having co workers. I miss dressing up in business casual attire. I miss feeling my feet and hands. I haven’t had feeling in either place in over 5 years. I miss spontaneous sex. Being able to just say baby come here I want you now. There are so many things I miss about my life before. But I try to remember I have lost a lot but I have also gained a lot. I am so much more patient now. I could never wait long for anything. Now rushing is something I’m unable to do. So I don’t miss things now that I’m not rushing past the pretty flowers. I have much more compassion now. I’m able to empathize with others. Because I stand where they are. And I know how hard this is. I’m more forgiving now. I’m able to let go of toxic people now because I realize who my friends are and who were not really down for me. Leaving them behind has been the best gift I’ve given myself. So for all the things I’ve lost, I have replaced them with so much more. I am honestly able to say thank you MS for all that you that you have brought to my life. Without you I wouldn’t be the person I am today. Internal reboot commense……


2 thoughts on “Life Reboot Day 3

  1. You have posted exactly how I feel🦄💜🦄


    1. Its comforting to know I’m not alone but it makes me sad that we have to share this at all. Thank you for reading and commenting. And please if you would Iike could you please follow me?


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